Ancient Thai Art of Vegetable Carving Book


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Mrs. Sumitra Narain, is a “distinguished artist" from India who is the author of this vegetable carving book. Her family has lived in Malan, Italy, Bangkok Thailand and then India. Sumitra was very worldly and mastered vegetable carving and taught people internationally in both Bangkok and India. She has taught over 9000 students.

She has several awards to show for her mastering vegetable carving. She has given TV shows and demonstrations in Italy, USA Canada, UK and many states in India according to her bio in the book.

Mrs. Narain, discusses the technique of vegetable carving and suggests what tools to have. In this book you will use cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes and chilies, onions, watermelons, pineapples, papayas and carrots.

You will learn to make Cucumber Water Lilies, White Radish Roses, Red radish lotus, tulips, rose bud, cucumber leaves, curled spring onions, tomato tulip, tomato lotus, onion chrysanthemums, onion lotus, watermelon bowl & basket, pineapple candle shade, pineapple turkey, papaya sunflowers, cosmos flower, and a carrot champak flower. Also, there is an advanced section in this book.

ISBN# 81-902037-0-3 Printed in India 2003 you will find black and white learning photographs with colorful final product images.

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