Art of Vegetable Garnish Book


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 The Art of Vegetable Garnish Hardback book is by Sopapan Amatadecha from Thailand. This book has beautiful color illustrations with step by step vegetable carving written in Thai and English on each of your educational pages for learning.  There are 168 pages in this book

Learn to vegetable carve on mixed vegetables carrying your newly learned skills from this book and advance yourself to fruits on your own. In this book you will learn how to carve on pumpkins, papayas, radish, peppers, squash, gourds, potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, garlic tomatoes, onions and egg plant. You will learn to carve a variety of flowers such as butterfly flower, lotus, mums, butterflies, mushrooms animals, leaves, birds and baskets uniquely on the different types of vegetables listed.

This book also gives a brief classification of big knives, graters, food decorators, peelers, paring and carving knives.

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