Conditions of Use

Terms & Conditions of Use:  Please note we use one source PayPal Express Checkout which will also allow you to use your own credit card for processing orders. Customer orders are securely placed online with our company regardless if you are using a PayPal account and or want to use your own credit card.  PayPal can handle both transactions for our company.  If paying by credit card proceed wtih checkout and instead of logging into PayPal because you want to pay by credit card and or do not have a PayPal account then click Check out as Guest and there you will input your credit card information safely and securely!  Your business is secure with our company providing you have all your login information secure.  Customers please note we also use a subsidiary of PayPal called BrainTree for credit card processing for our marketpace business. 

We may gather information pertaining to your usage for marketing and or  to monitor the order process. We will act with accordance with USA law and or within the state of Iowa. We may collect your IP address, log in information, Telephone, Email, Hosting company, time on the website and information nesecary for placing of orders,

 Please note that if a package is accidentally ever shipped incorrectly and or damaged during transit all packaging and its contents must be saved for its verification and notification made within 2 days of deliverery. Please notify us via phone and or email with the order number included. 

Sellers you will receive automated payment upon receipt of customer orders. Sellers are to ship out ASAP within 3 days of order receipt. If a delay is to occur sellers are to send an email to customers indicating so and their estimated arrival time. If this is unacceptable to the customer the seller is to cancel the order and fully refund the customer.  Seller will incur the upfront fee of the credit card processing for these types of reasons.   Sellers are required to keep customers posted as to any delays and or back ordres.  If items are not available please do not show them as inventory until they are available again. We do understand at times this may not always be possiible and items may cross in the inventory list.  Sellers agree to not undersell online elsewhere via the internet. on products you sell directly on our website.  Sellers agree to PayPal terms and conditions & Evolve Us Inc terms and conditions. Our company will charge 3% for a total of 6.9% +.30 cents which PayPal charges for its processing on each order shipped for being your marketplace business setup.  You as a custoemr agree to all terms and conditions as a user either as a seller and or buyer. Terms and Conditions subject to change at any time. 

See here for full details as a Seller with Evolve Us Inc. on orders processed by PayPal.