May Kaidee's Thai Vegetarian, Vegan Cookbook


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"Shared by Sommay Jaijong, owner of three vegetarian restaurants in Thailand and Internationally renowned for her vegetarian culinary school recipes were uniquely designed for weight loss, health restoration, and exceptional taste. Resplendent with nourishing herbs, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, May's culinary secrets are recognized throughout the globe for their nutritious content and explosion of vibrant flavors. From the traditional Thai Tom Kha Coconut Soup, Pad Thai fried noodles, and green papaya salad, to May's very own Pumpkin soup, green curry, and Mangos with sticky rice, satisfy your appetite with the exotic, tangy tastes of May Kaidee's vegetarian Thai Cuisine."

You will find recipes for Thai appetizers, powders, paste, soups, salads, curries, main dishes and desserts in this beautifully photographed, 123 page recipe paperback! You will learn recipes such as Peanut Sauce, Massaman Curry a Thai Indian curry, Pat Grapow, fried vegetables with fresh basil, Pineapple curry, Red Curry and many more.

May Kaidee's cookbook notes it has a World Famous school and teaches 7 days a week in Thailand.

According to Farang Magazine " May has an electric smile and makes an awesome green curry"

Foodies Diary " The pumpkin soup is simply fantastic, especially with ground ginger on top"

ISBN 978-9741-32524551595 Recipes are written in Thai and English.

May Kaidee's Thai Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbook is in its 2nd edition. copyright 2009

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