How to Carve Fruits and Vegetables the Thai Way, Sitca DVD set


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How to Carve Fruits & Vegetables the Thai Way Volume 1 has over 56 minutes of step by step instructional video, along with a basic instructions booklet and carving knife tool.  Copyright 2010. Professional produced and digitally photographed based off of a 6 hour carving course made for the home study method of your convenience in learning fruit carving. Learn flower patterns, vegetable garnish and plate decoration in three parts including instructions by Koh Samui's Institute Director Roongfa Sringam with English instructions. This 3 piece package is displayed in a mulberry paper box including 135 detailed color photos, a 38 page instructional pamplet and a handcrafted fruit and vegetable carving knife.

Muhlberry box colors may vary.

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